The importance of clicking Awesome family photos during Assamese wedding photography Assignments.

clicking family photos in Assamese wedding photography

Clicking like the above image is Very very important in Assamese Wedding photography.

The reason for clicking the image

  1. He is the Groom’s father.
  2. It is a good Candid Photograph
  3. Added value to your Photography business.

If you are working on Assamese wedding Photography for a few years then you will realize what I am telling you about this image.

People will remember the best photos of the Assamese wedding that you clicked or they will remember the photos that they feel value.

At this point, the clients will also remember their photographer for that awesome photograph.

If your client is an honest person they will always contact you for their future projects or recommend you to their friends and family too.

Every photographer has something in their own style of creating awsome images during Assamese wedding photography.

Trying to use that sense to create your awesome image makes you different from other photographers and adds more value to your wedding photography.

I love clicking candid photos. And that skill takes me to the above shot. People always love their candid photos.

Not Many photographers notice that especially newcomers. Just think about what is going to happen next. That will give you an idea about your next Awesome Photograph.

This photo makes an awesome value!


This is an image of the father of a groom. that smile elaborates on how happy he is on that special day of his son’s Assamese wedding reception.

That means preserving his memories forever can make him happy again and again. Not every Assamese wedding photographer will feel that emotion.

Most of the new Assamese wedding photographers do their job for money. Not for creating valuable photos while Clicking Family Photos during Assamese wedding photography session.


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