Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.”
—Fawn Weaver

Assamese Wedding Moment

As the wedding photography quote from Fawn Weaver, this Bride is praying the same!

How to capture the best Assamese Wedding moments?

As a photographer, we need to think about the upcoming moment every single minute!

Who knows what happens next? therefor if you stay focused on what happens next, you will definitely get some awesome shots like this Best Assamese Wedding moments one.

How to know that the image you clicked is an awesome Assamese Wedding moment?

It depends on your client’s view. If they feel waw! then definitely its a hit. At a wedding, we are not a participant in a photography competition. We need to make our clients make the noise Waw!

That’s it.

If your client is happy with your images then you will be a good photographer for them. So being simple is the best way to make your Assamese photography business running.


The above are my recommendations on Capturing Client’s Best Assamese Wedding moments. If you have any points to share feel free to comment! Ta… da…

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