Top 24+ Assamese Wedding Photography Poses

(With the perfect Images)

Latest Assamese #WeddingPhotography Pose

Colourful outfits and exciting decor, a marriage within the country is all about having fun and making beautiful memories which will last forever. To cherish these memories most of the people choose getting clicked at their wedding the maximum amount as possible.

You merely cannot miss getting clicked on your wedding and without a doubt, it brings a smile to your face post-wedding. Knowing the importance of getting clicked and creating memories we thought to enlighten you today with the proper poses for your wedding ceremonies. So, no got to struggle while getting clicked cos we are here to help!

At Moment Digital Photography, we promise you to help all of your wedding planning needs and that we stand by it. to assist you with some Assamese wedding photography poses, we curated a number of thewsome ones from all around the globe for you.

Listed below are some poses that you simply can choose for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots. undergo them and don’t forget to bookmark your favourite ones!

12 Best Assamese Wedding Photography Poses For Your Wedding Ceremony

We know that your wedding is that the biggest day of your life and you’ve got dreamed about today forever and that we leave no stone unturned to form your wedding the happiest day.

With the proper planning, you’ll turn your dream wedding into a reality which will make your memories last forever. Find the most-appealing, happy and Best Assamese Wedding Photography Poses for all of your wedding functions & don’t forget to book the Best Assamese Wedding Photographer to execute these ideas perfectly.

1.To be in Each Other’s Arms Forever…

A romantic setting, gorgeous outfits and abundance of affection, the one is what we call an ideal shot. We are crazy, already with this couple!


2. Quirky Assamese Wedding Photography Pose to Add Some Fun!

This ‘Dilwala’ swept away his ‘Dhulaniyaa’ on a Bajaj Super!

Tip: you’ll prefer to add some quirky elements that are on the brink of your heart to form this another personalized

3.’She is Mine!’ Awesome Candid Wedding Photography Pose

He wasted no time to pick up his bride and take her away with him as soon as the Chaklong (An Ahom Wedding tradition) ends.

This cheerful shot captured by Moment Digital Photography at the very right moment has won our hearts!

4.Colourful Paper Blaster Work Wonders in Assamese Wedding!

Happy colours of your wedding must be shown to all or any. Use this vibrant-coloured paper blaster colour bombs in your wedding photography for a few oh-so-gorgeous shots!

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5.Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Classic Style Assamese Wedding Photography!

The one is classic! Who doesn’t remember Raj Kapoor & Nagirs under an umbrella singing their like to each other? Recreate the instant into your wedding photoshoot to feed the Bollywood junkie in you.

Source Pinterest

6.Assamese Wedding Photography Pose The Role Reversal

As important as it is for your man to pamper you to make you feel special, he deserves some attention too. Go on your knees and ask him to be yours forever!

7.The Couple Welcomes guests together wedding photography pose

We are sure that your wedding is filled with fun and this fun must be depicted in your photograph. The couple welcomes their guests With a guapan(must have Asssame wedding essential Welcome pan masala ) in their wedding picture.

8.Welcome Guests with Pan masala, get some blessings from elders.

This gorgeous bride knows how to treat their guests with pan masala and get blessings from elders. She also knows how to greet the kids with toffee too…

9.Add Flavours of your Craziness to your Assamese Wedding Pictures

This groom knows the way to treat his lady right! He, helping her Making their wedding Memorable, that has made us crazy with this couple’s chemistry…

10.The Proposal All Over Again, this pose is awesome!

Grooms! Make her feel out of the world by going down on your knees and asking her to be yours all over again. Oh! Do not miss #gettingclicked to remember this moment forever.

11.Assamese Wedding Photography Pose For bride and groom

this Awesome couple Saves their moments with a wedding selfie in this adorable wedding photography pose has our hearts.

12.The brid’s Happiness Wedding Photography pose

In this Awesome image can feel The bride’s happiness! That pose makes your image one of the best Assamese wedding photography images

Assamse wedding Photography happiness pose

Source: Kalpajit Borgohain


10 Trendy Wedding Photography Poses for your Assamese Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

Weddings in India are not any but a celebration and this big celebration requires some crazy amount of designing. With all the hustle-bustle about the marriage madness around you, you want to not miss a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot together with your partner.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are usually theme-based and are shot at outdoor locations like beaches, woods, waterfalls, etc. Indoor pre-wedding photoshoots are trending lately and that we would suggest you see out these best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas which will be the foremost memorable affair of your life.

Latest Assamese Wedding Photography Pose For The ‘Bike Rider Couple’

If you and are your partner happen to be one among those that are hooked into bikes, this one is for you. A photoshoot on a motorcycle is romantic, unique and tempting!

Assamese pre wedding for bikers

This couple has won us over with their pre-wedding photoshoot infused with these smoke and mixed with the cloud.

Choosing a awesome location for Assamese pre wedding photography is also importent. All together location and pose make the pre wedding photograph pricelsess.

Assamse wedding Photography WITH SMOKE

Gift Your Bride A Rose Pre-Wedding Pose

Rose has been a symbol of love for years and this one is a perfectly-timed shot.

Bonus: The Ring light in the foreground is adding to the beauty of the picture.

One with Perfectly-Coordinated Outfits pose

Add some fun to your pre-wedding photos by playing with the light and place like this one.

This crazy pre-wedding picture has us gushing about it since the time we saw this one.

Feel the Love pre-Wedding Photography Pose

This is one of the best pre-wedding instant poses. Anyone can be easy with such kind of photography.

When You Both Loves A Little Too Much

Do you both LOVE colours like us? Then, play a little Holi with your partner and get clicked to create the most colourful memories for your lifetime!

This Couple showing their engagement ring pose

This ring pose is one of the common and essential wedding photography poses you can preserve it during wedding, pre-wedding or engagement session.


Love in Bullet – Wedding Photography Pose

We cannot stop talking about how pure this picture looks. The vibrant colour tone and well-decorated lighting have helped the photographer to capture this perfect shot!

The smile on both the bride and groom’s faces make the Assamese wedding photography pose evergreen.

Yes! Smile is the Colour of LOVE! Assamese wedding photography image for Facebook

Brother-sister rare moments in Assamese wedding photography with lots of smiles during Bidai session is very rare! That smile makes this pose memorable

Love in the sunset!

Sunset wedding photography is very beautiful. There’s nothing more beautiful than your clicking a photo with a bubble in sunset to claim you in front of the world. This couple being bubbled is fun and romantic at the same time.

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5+ Traditional Assamese Wedding Photography Poses

Assamese Wedding photography Poses are slightly different from the rest of the world. the reason is that Assamese bride wears Maekhela Chador and the groom wears kurta Mostly at weddings.

And those beautiful dressing have some amazing looks and poses give the top Assamese wedding photographers to capture the best image of your wedding. Below are some popular wedding poses for the brides to show off their bridal shots like a boss.

A Long Shot To Capture The Outfit Of Bride And Groom

A wide shot using a wide lens or a prime lens like 50mm from distance can reward you an amazing shot like this one.

This photograph is clicked with a 50mm prime lens with a Nikon d750 body. This is a good image that our clients love to preserve it for a lifetime.


Assamese Wedding Photography Pose On A Log

This is an amazing pose off of the Assamese wedding couple during the reception day.

They feel comfortable to sit on a log and the job is done!

This simple image preserved their memory of that day forever.

Latest Assamese #WeddingPhotography Pose

like the one above this is also a bride and groom pose. In most of the Assamese weddings, the photographers will not get such a photo due to the same of the bride and groom or due to the presence of guests.

You are lucky enough if you get some awesome poses like this one.

Latest Assamese #WeddingPhotography Pose

Shot by Bulbul Borgohain

Recreate the Love proposal pose with traditional Assamese Wedding Dress!

Love pose


Such a love proposal pose can freeze your wedding moments forever. And those memories definitely add value to the photography business as long as for the photographer. Sometimes quality does not matter to clients but good memories.

Last Words!

Who Is the best Assamese Wedding photographer?

The answer is simple enough. If your Assamese wedding photographer is able to understand your photography needs and create images that you love is the best Assamese wedding photographer


Those are some of the best and New Assamese Wedding Photography Poses! Hope you enjoyed the post and decided your wedding photography poses and best wedding photographer for your wedding!

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